Sunday, November 2, 2008

Top Dog Trainer Secrets

Tracy Lenderink, Animal Behaviorist, Author, Seminar Speaker.

Session #1: Tracy Lenderink gives tips on living with an obedient dog: "More Than Obedience: It's A Life Style"

Session #2 Tracy Lenderink gives tips on training a pre-owned dog: "Second Hand Dogs: Problems And How To Fix Them"

Session #3 Tracy Lenderink gives tips on integrating dogs and children into home life: "Children and Dogs: How They Are Different And Alike,

Also top experts like Dr Ian Dunbar, DVM, Trainer, Writer,and Behaviorist , Mel McDuffy, Expert Trainer and Founder of Mr. K-9 Dog Training,Sean Senechal, Animal Language Educator,Will Saucier, Dog Trainer, Owner of Handicraft Collars, Emma Parsons, Dog Trainer and Author, Theresa Richmond, Dog Trainer, Behaviorist,Wendy Volhard, Expert Dog Trainer, Author, and Nutritionist,Jonathan Rudinger, LMT,RN, Author: Certified Massage Instructor and Training School Founder, Dr. Christina Chambreau, Founder of Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy,Dr. Shawn

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